Letter Set Go!

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The Story

Work I Love to Make

For a long time there's been a gap between my sketchbook and the design and illustration I do in my day-to-day freelancing job. As any artist will tell you, this is an "itch" that needs an outlet. I started to wonder if the stuff from my sketchbook could be tweaked ever so slightly to become something bigger. Something better? 

Stuff People Buy

It's not enough to make work that people like. I want to make work that people will buy. That's not an easy thing to do! But I believe that beautiful work crafted with care, printed on high quality paper, and with inks that will last - has great value.

I'm also committed to the process of exploring all of the ideas that sit dormant in my sketchbook. I want people who like my work to see new work.

Art That Inspires & Brings Joy to Kids

I was that kid who spent time sitting on books in the aisle of my local library. The stories, the pictures, the feelings that that combination brought me is very much the fuel behind why I became an artist in the first place. Fast forward to today, where my two boys take that same joy in images, bugs, games, exploration and it's come full circle. I believe in this spirit and I find it all very important.

"But I also try to keep an open mind, to listen to my intuition and allow for the unexpected, the coincidental, even the quirky to enter my work. Ultimately, my aim is to entertain, sometimes enlighten, the child who still lives inside of me. That is where I begin."  - Eric Carle